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Sofia Haglund
Welcome! I'm

Sofia Haglund

Embarking on a new journey as a CRO analyst, I bring a newfound passion for digital analytics along with a keen interest in web development, UX, and graphic design. With a background rooted in Life Science I offer a unique and intriguing perspective. Beyond work, I have a love for the outdoors, gaming, and family.




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Mid level

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Work Experience

2024 -
Junior CRO Analyst

LeoVegas (LeoVegas Group)

As a CRO Analyst, my role is to perform qualitative and quantitative research to gain insights into LeoVegas users' needs and behaviors by pin-pointing pain points and obstacles that hinder visitors from completing desired actions, and developing clear, data-driven hypotheses. In order to execute this I am tasked with conducting A/B tests to evaluate the effectiveness of website changes, analyzing the results, and using the data to make informed decisions on which changes responsible parties need to implement, using tools such as GA4, BigQuery, LaunchDarkly, Hotjar and Looker Studio. Given my coding background, I also take on the responsibility of assisting my coworkers with queries related to advanced analytics and programming, primarily in Python.

2018 - 2024
Bioinformatician/System Developer

National Genomics Infrastructure (SciLifeLab, KI)

I delivered sequencing data to users from their sequencing projects and was method responsible for the data deliveries. I delivered mostly raw data (FastQ- or bcl-files), but also the BP analysis data of nf-core/RNASeq and nf-core/ MethylSeq, all of which I had run the analyses and performed quality checks prior to delivery, mainly from examining the correponding MultiQC report. I used BaseSpace Clarity LIMS to document my work and communicated with the users through ZenDesk. In addition, I also helped develop pipelines, external and internal web pages and interfaces using Python, JavaScript, PHP, HTML, and CSS using GitHub. I mostly worked with the internal website Genomics Status. I was responsible for the external website NGI Sweden and the pages on the SciLifeLab website. I did quite a bit of testing of the pipelines when these had been updated prior to production deployment and also wrote verifications and validations connected to those.

2017 - 2018
Laboratory Technician

Karolinska Institute (MTC), Centre for Translational Microbiome Research (CTMR)

I extracted microbe DNA from various samples from the research projects in Professor Lars Engstrand's research group using Tecan FreedomEVO. This was the first step in sequencing the DNA of the samples, which was carried out by my colleagues.

2015 - 2016
Laboratory Engineer

Octapharma Sweden, QC Support, Sample Reception

I received samples of pharmaceutical drugs in various phases of their production, imported these in SQL LIMS, and passed these on to the lab. I also handled the purchasing of supplies and equipment for the biochemistry lab, using SAP. In addition, I also delivered and received samples from other sites in Sweden as well as abroad.

2014 - 2015
Laboratory Engineer

Karolinska University Hospital in Solna, Department of Clinical Virology, Serology

I analysed blood plasma from patient samples for the detection of antibodies against various infections using ELISA, both automatically with the Tecan Freedom EVO robot and with manual analysis.

2014 - 2014
Laboratory Engineer

Karolinska University Hospital in Huddinge, Department of Clinical Virology, Molecular Biology

I analysed various patient samples for the detection of viral infections using MagNA Pure and PCR.

Digital Analytics

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I have created a couple of tutorial videos for the users of NGI to assist in their data download: